centre-college_416x416For Centre College, placing students on internships is an important part of the curriculum. The process involves the student, the student’s faculty advisor, various other administrative staff, and the hiring company. With so many students seeking internships, and a large number of people involved in reviewing every application, it can be time-intensive.

Centre College asked Metaversant to help automate this process using Alfresco and Activiti. Metaversant worked with Centre to understand the requirements, then implemented a custom Activiti workflow as well as some additional customizations that handle the entire process, from the time the student first submits their application to that happy moment when they receive the notification they have been accepted for their internship.

With this in place, the student logs in to Alfresco Share and uploads their application to a drop box. The career placement staff tags the application with critical metadata that drives the process, then Alfresco and Activiti take it from there. Now figuring out the status of any application is as easy as viewing the in-flight workflow details.

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