Metaversant consultants have a broad range of experience across both commercial and open source content management, business process management, search, web application development frameworks, and standards.

We are tool agnostic. We believe in the best tool for the job and that includes programming languages.

In practice, scripting languages and frameworks (JavaScript, Python, Django, PHP, Drupal) have worked well when developing content-centric applications. Many clients prefer Java and frameworks like Grails or Spring MVC. We don’t force anything on you–we’ll work within your constraints to identify the best choice for your project.

Regardless of the toolset it is important that the interface between the front-end and the repository be de-coupled and extensible. When the repository is a rich content repository like Alfresco, we prefer to use standards-based interfaces such as those provided by the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard.