Already have a team but are looking to fill short-term gaps? We offer short-term and part-time assistance to help make your project a success. Examples of these types of scenarios include Architectural Reviews, Roadblock Removal, and Phone-a-Friend.

Architectural Reviews

Sometimes, Metaversant clients have the internal resources they feel they need to deliver a solution, but it may be the first time they’ve worked with a particular content management technology, so they may be unsure of the best way to approach the solution. Metaversant can help your team climb the learning curve with an Architectural Review. This kind of assistance is often helpful toward the beginning of a project when your team is still trying to figure out what’s possible with the platform. A Metaversant Technical Architect can work with your team to design the solution based on what’s worked in similar real-world, production implementations.

Roadblock Removal

Occasionally, an implementation team will run up against a technical roadblock of some sort. Whether the blocker came as a surprise or you anticipated it as a potential problem, don’t put your entire release at risk through needless wheel-spinning. Metaversant can parachute in to a project, assess the situation, and implement a solution that removes the roadblock and keeps the sprint moving.


Metaversant does not offer traditional commercial support for content management platforms that are otherwise provided by the Content Management platform vendor. We recommend you pay the vendor for a yearly support subscription or maintenance agreement. The vendor’s support organization will help you with defects in the platform, but what about everything else? Metaversant can be that reassuring voice on the other end of a phone line or web conference who’s already been down the road with your content management platform. We offer an engagement model in which you are able to prepay for a block of hours, and then use those hours as you have questions about the best way to approach a problem or to just sanity check an approach.

Contact us to discuss how we can quickly fill gaps by providing short-term assistance.