Many clients are overwhelmed by the number of choices available to them in the Content Management space, particularly when it comes to Open Source offerings. Metaversant can help put shape around your business requirements and then line those up against potential vendors. Metaversant can participate in discussions with your Content Management vendors to help you find the seeds of truth often hiding beneath flowery Marketing speak. We can even coordinate and run an on-site product bakeoff so that your team can apply your business problems to the technologies on your short list in your own environment.

Some clients have already been through the selection process and simply need validation that they’ve made the right choice for their particular business problem. Your challenges may have seemed similar to what the vendor showed in their demo, but now you aren’t so sure. Metaversant can make sure the needs of the business are aligned with the chosen technology from the start. If it’s not a fit, we will say so. Performing unnatural acts to push a Content Management platform beyond its intended use is no fun and often costly in the long run.

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