Metaversant consultants have been working in the Collaboration, Content Management, and Document Management market for many years. Recently, we’ve seen a significant up-tick in the number of clients looking to move from their current platform. Generally, the reasons can be categorized under cost, functionality, and uncertainty.

Legacy ECM platforms are often costly to implement and maintain

We understand the disappointment and frustration in paying hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for software (and then 2 to 4 times that in professional services) only to have the platform fall short of expectations. Maybe it has failed to keep up with the demands of the business (see next section) or perhaps every time that annual maintenance bill comes due the company finds it harder and harder to justify.

Many legacy ECM platforms have failed to innovate

For businesses that leverage the web as a sales and marketing channel, providing fresh experiences, functionality, and content is crucial to success. Often, the rate of change needed to maintain a competitive advantage is simply greater than what the underlying platform can sustain. Many Web Content Management systems were born during the first generation of the Internet. It may be costly to develop and maintain the functionality the business requires with such systems. Features like faceted search, user-generated content, social, and open, developer-friendly API’s are often native to more modern platforms.

On the Document Management side, many legacy platforms are still in the client-server days. Closed, proprietary API’s, thick-client installs, sprawling architectural footprints, and dated user interfaces make it costly to develop and maintain solutions and deter user adoption. Legacy DM tends to be where documents go to die. Modern document repositories make content and digital assets available, securely, through services to the systems and people that need them to get their job done.

How Metaversant can help

Whatever the reason for your re-platforming project, Metaversant can help. Let us work with you to migrate to a more cost-effective, open, and agile Content Management platform.

Once you’ve made your decision to re-platform, Metaversant can plan and execute the data migration, configure the new environment, and develop any customizations necessary to give the business the functionality they had previously plus all of the new features they’ve been asking for that were too costly to implement with the legacy platform.

Contact us to get started with your content management migration.