You’ve selected your new Content Management platform and you have a general idea of what you want to accomplish. Now what? Content Management implementations can be complex because they often touch different systems across your company, may be made up of multiple sub-systems or components, and usually need to be customized to meet your business requirements. Metaversant offers Content Management Customization & Implementation Services that keep your CMS rollout from going sideways. Let us:

  • Validate your choice of Content Management platform
  • Facilitate the formation of scenarios and use cases based on your business goals and key success factors
  • Map requirements to platform capabilities and identify gaps
  • Design customizations to tweak the platform for better business fit
  • Identify hardware and software dependencies
  • Configure the CMS to meet your requirements
  • Train content managers
  • Formulate a content migration approach
  • Plan & execute the rollout

Contact us to install and customize your content management platform.