Metaversant contributes to the Open Source community in several ways, such as answering questions in forums, speaking at conferences, and publishing books and tutorials about Open Source Software. But we also contribute code to the community. Here is a list of some of the projects you can use today, right now, even if you choose not to engage with us on a project.

Share Site Creators. By default, anyone who can log in to Alfresco can create a site. This add-on gives you the ability to restrict that to the members of a specific group. (Blog post).

Share Site Space Templates. When an Alfresco site is created it has an empty “document library”. This add-on lets you define default folder structures, which can also include documents, so that when you create new sites of a given type, they are automatically populated with an initial folder structure. (Blog post).

Share Announcements. This add-on provides an easy way to let your Alfresco community know about up-coming outages or other important events. (Blog post).

Share Inbound Calendar Invitations. Alfresco Share sites have a simple calendar, but most people already use an enterprise-wide calendaring solution. This simple integration makes it possible for other calendaring systems to send event invitations to specific Share sites via email. The Share site automatically processes the invitation and adds the event to the Share site calendar. (Blog post).

You are welcome to use these projects as you see fit, subject to the Apache 2.0 License, and to contribute your own improvements by submitting pull requests on GitHub.